Each year since 2002, citizens in the Greater Peterborough Area celebrate an annual Doctor Appreciation Day. After such an overwhelming response to this unique community event since the first event in 2002, the Physician Recruitment program declares a similar day each year to reinforce the value that the community places on the skills and services that physicians working and living the Peterborough Area provide. Physicians are the recipients of cards, letters, a variety of gifts and a public acknowledgement through wide spread media coverage. As in the inaugural year, the Peterborough Petes Hockey Club participates in this special day by helping to provide a block of seats at the Pete's hockey game that night and making special public address announcements to acknowledge the presence of a number of doctors and their family members in the audience. All in all it is a very successful "retention" activity. With so much attention given to any new doctor coming to town the community wanted to make sure those who are already here are not neglected.